Monday, February 28, 2022

Schazoo Zaka Jobs

Fresh graduate opportunities are increasing nowadays & it is a big chance and good response for those who are always in complaining mode that posts for fresh graduates are not announced.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Quality Control Officer Job

The Quality Control Department is very important in the pharmaceutical industry & is involved in the analysis & testing of different types of excipients,  APIs, packaging materials & finished products.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

QA and Regulatory Affair Jobs

Here we are going to discuss 2 job openings in the pharmaceutical industry for the regulatory & quality assurance department.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Quality Assurance Manager Job

If you are energetic and want to work as a quality assurance manager then this job listing will be beneficial for you to join this post in the well-reputed pharmaceutical industry of Pakistan.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Fresh Pharmacist and Manager Jobs

Main and important departments in the pharmaceutical industry are,

  • Production Department

  • Quality Control Department

  • Quality Assurance Department

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Product Development Job

New Products development plays an important role in the business growth of any Pharmaceutical industry. Day by day new medicines are registered by different companies & to compete & grow, every pharmaceutical industry tries to increase its products portfolio by developing & launching new products.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

4 Jobs For Pharmacist

Four posts for different designations are opened by a well-reputed pharma company in different departments. The candidates having experience in quality assurance, quality control & Regulatory departments can apply for these positions.

Details are mentioned below.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Production Officer Job

The Production Department in pharmaceutical industries is involved in the manufacturing of different Dosage Forms and based on these Dosage Forms the production manufacturing department is divided into different sub-sections depending on the type of dosage forms manufactured.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Quality Control Analyst Job

The quality control department in any pharmaceutical industry is the main section because it is involved in testing & releasing various packaging components like unit cartons, shippers, bottles, vials, ampoules etc.

The role of Quality Control is not limited to testing & release of packaging components, it plays an important role to test & releasing various excipients,  Active pharmaceutical ingredients & finished products.

Working in the quality control department is a very good opportunity for Pharmacists to start & grow in their careers.

A well known pharmaceutical industry is offering a job opportunity in their quality control department & details are given as below,


The job listing is for 

  • Quality Control Analyst


The candidates interested to apply for this job must have one of the following jobs,


  • Pharm-D

  • MSC Chemistry

The degree of applicants should be valid by approving authority.

  • In the case of Pharm-D the 

Degrees must be from any university or college affiliated with the Pharmacy council.

Experience Required

The job description of this post demands a person have at least 2 years of previous work experience in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • The fresh candidates should avoid applying for this job because the required experience is mentioned.

Skills Required

  • Must have good knowledge of all the quality control equipment.

  • Should be able to run HPLC independently.

  • Must be capable of performing testing on UV.

  • Can easily manage to operate dissolution Apparatus.

  • Have experience operating the particle counter.

  • Experience to run friability apparatus.

  • Should have good knowledge of analytical procedures & methods.

  • Well aware of quality control guidelines.

  • Should be aware of quality standards.

  • Have experience in raw materials & finished products testing.

  • Knowledge of in-process testing.


This job listing is available in Lahore city.

Name Of Pharmaceutical

The above-mentioned post is announced by Pacific Pharmaceuticals Lahore.


  • A handsome salary package will be given.

  • The pick & drop service will also be provided.

Process To Apply

Do send your updated CVs to the given email address

About Pacific Pharmaceuticals

Pacific pharmaceutical was established in 1990 in Lahore city with the purpose to provide the best services in the field of medicines. Pacific Pharmaceuticals has more than 180 registered products that are manufactured using sophisticated and advanced machines imported from Germany & Switzerland.

The products manufactured are not only used in the local market of Pakistan but also are exported to about 28 countries.

By using its advanced packaging systems Pacific Pharmaceuticals has the capacity to pack about one million units in a day which is a very huge number.

Pacific Pharmaceuticals is the only pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan which have successfully achieved cGMP and MHRA certifications.

MHRA is the European licensing body which awards licenses for drugs to export to the European area. 

Apart from having a well-established manufacturing unit it has a well-equipped quality control laboratory to test the quality of finished products as well as raw materials & packaging materials.

In-process checking is also monitored by highly qualified quality assurance staff.

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Friday, February 18, 2022

AM Regulatory Affairs Job

A Regulatory Affairs job is a good opportunity for Pharmacists to work and learn. The Regulatory Department in any pharmaceutical industry is like behind the scenes, which means it's not on the front foot but every product which is manufactured, is the result of regulatory department efforts to get its registration for manufacturing.

Job Nature Of Regulatory Department

The job of the regulatory department demands a higher level of interaction with regulatory bodies of the country to register products, layouts and other technical requirements.

The regulatory department's job involves a lot of documentation to fulfil the requirements of regulatory bodies according to provided guidelines & provisions. So to work in this department the candidates must have sound knowledge of different guidelines.

Here the job listing provided by a pharmaceutical company is in the regulatory department and details are given below. All the requirements are discussed thoroughly.

Job Position

The post is announced for the designation of Assistant Manager Regulatory Affairs.


Regulatory Affairs


The Applicants with the following degree

can apply for this job post.

Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

  • The degree of the applying person should be from a well-known college or the university of Pakistan and approved by the Pharmacy council.

Required Experience

This is for the post of AM or assistant manager so Freshers can't apply for this post.

  • A person having 2-3 years of previous work experience in the Regulatory department can apply for this job.

Required Skills

  • This job post requires sound knowledge of CTD dossiers.

  • Preparation of CTD dossiers for the local market.

  • Should have all the relevant technical knowledge including computer operations.

Soft skills

As we discussed earlier this job demands good interpersonal skills so the person should have good relationship building with DRAP & DTL.

  • Effective time management to meet deadlines.

  • Good communication skills.

  • Good writing skills.

  • Computer skills for documentation.

Writing & computer skills are important because most of the work nature in this field is to write.

Last Date To Apply

Apply for this post till 19 February 2022.

It is a good opportunity so Don't miss the chance to apply if you fulfil the requirements.

Industry Name

The job post is announced in Remington Pharmaceuticals.


Head office Lahore,  Multan road

How To Apply

Apply online means sending an updated CV at

About Remington 

Remington Pharma is a well known pharmaceutical industry located on Multan Road Lahore. The owner of this pharmaceutical industry is a Pharmacist. A boost is waiting for Remington Pharmaceuticals to get the highest growth in the field of drug Manufacturing for other countries under the flag of WHO.


Working in Remington Pharmaceuticals may provide you with a good career boost because it is the only pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan that has successfully qualified for a WHO qualification certificate.

As for WHO qualification, strict guidelines are followed so by working with senior staff who were involved in achieving the World Health Organisation certification, you can learn a lot to polish your skills & knowledge.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Job Descriptions Of Production Manager

Job Descriptions Of Production Manager (Manufacturing)

To find best job description for professionals is a very difficult task because to find a full collection is very difficult.Here we will try to discuss all possible job description of Production Manager.

The job descriptions for production managers dealing with manufacturing

activities are given below

1.0 Title

  • Production Manager

This job position is a managerial post & needs a skilled person.

2.0 Qualification

 Doctor of Pharmacy 


B Pharmacy

  • B Pharmacy is mentioned because experience persons with more than 15 years of experience may have a B Pharmacy degree.

3.0 Experience

For this managerial post, the minimum required experience is 8 to 10 years.

4.0 Reporting To

The Production Manager is reporting to the Head of  Production or General Manager Production depending upon the company policy.

5.0 Subordinates

The staff list given below will report to the production manager

  • Assistant Manager Production

  • Executive Pharmacist

  • Junior Pharmacist

  • Working Staff

6.0 Job Descriptions

The  job descriptions for Production  manager dealing with all manufacturing activities are as follow,

6.1 Prepare a monthly manufacturing plan in coordination with the head of the production & planning department.

6.2 Split the monthly production plan into a weekly plan for easy execution.

6.3 Ensure implementation of daily manufacturing plan according to the weekly plan.

6.4 Coordinate with raw material store officials to ensure timely dispensing of required batches for all manufacturing areas.

6.5 Ensure that equipment is utilizing maximum working capacity means batch sizes should be of such capacity that ensures maximum utilization of equipment.

6.6 Plan enhancement of batches in coordination with validation, Q.A and Product & development department.

6.7 Ensure that there is no delay between batch to batch startup because delay in batches may create hurdles to achieve targets.

6.8 Take part in improvement & efficiency enhancement projects.

6.9 Monitor & supervise all the manufacturing operations.

6.10 Make sure that all the manufacturing activities are running smoothly.

6.11 Take part in troubleshooting projects.

6.12 Ensure that all the tooling & required PPEs are present and available.

6.13 Critically monitor line losses & make strategies to reduce the line loss to reduce per-unit cost.

6.14 Proper utilization of manpower on the floor.

6.15 Ensure the working staff attendance is above 90%.

6.16 Training of subordinates.

6.17 Improve skills by attending different training & seminars.

6.18 Ensure timely maintenance of all the machines & equipment to reduce the downtimes.

6.19 Take part in validation, qualification & calibration activities.

6.20 Preparation of SOPs & SCPs.


6.21 Ensure that all the SOPs & SCPs are implemented properly.

6.22 Preparation of change controls, deviations & CAPA documentation.

6.23 Preparation for all the in-house & external audits.

6.24 Ensure implementation of GMP & cGMP.

6.25 Coordinate with quality control department to ensure timely release of the products.

6.26 Coordinate with the product & development department to provide areas and machines for manufacturing of trial products or validation batches.

6.27 Maintain discipline on the manufacturing floor. 

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Job Descriptions Of Production Pharmacist

Monday, February 14, 2022

Job Descriptions Of Production Pharmacist

Job Descriptions Of Production Pharmacist ( OSD Manufacturing )

The job descriptions for production pharmacists working in the oral solid dosage forms (Tablet, Capsule, Dry Suspension) area are given as follows,

1.0 Title

  • Production Pharmacist

This job post is for a fresh or junior Pharmacist in the OSD (Oral Solid Dosage Form) area.

2.0 Qualification

Pharm-D or  Doctor of Pharmacy 

3.0 Experience

Fresh or up to 2 years of experience is required for this post.

4.0 Reporting To

The production pharmacist reports to the Manager Production of the oral solid dosage form.

5.0 Subordinates

The following staff will be under-reporting of this pharmacist,

  • Supervisors

  • Machine Operators

  • Helpers

6.0 Job Descriptions

The core job descriptions for fresh pharmacists working in the oral solid dosage form area are  given below,

6.1 Learn & perform line clearance in Oral solid dosage form area to ensure timely start-up of all operations. During line clearance thoroughly check all the inline equipment & related materials.

6.2 Supervision of all manufacturing activities performed in the granulation area. Special care should be provided during wet granulation to know the endpoint of wet granulation.

6.3 Ensure that all activities in the granulation area are performed according to batch manufacturing records.

6.4 Monitoring Of compression operations including to ensure that the differential of the area is properly maintained.

6.5 Perform in-process testing during the compression operation.

6.6 Ensure timely line clearance of the tablet coating area. Supervision of tablet coating operation to coat the batch smoothly.

6.7 Supervision and monitoring of all activities in the dry powder suspension filling area. Perform in-process testing during filling of suspension operation.

6.8 Ensure timely line clearance of capsule filling process & also ensure  Monitoring of other capsule filling area activities.

6.9 Prepare and maintain balance verification records. Physically check the balance using dummy weights.

6.10 Batch receiving from raw material stores according to the requirements of the manufacturing area. The batches are received in such a manner that no operation is disturbed.

6.11 Checking & Maintenance of cleaning hygiene records of workers. It is maintained on a daily basis by checking the different cleaning parameters.

6.12 In-house training of the supervisors, machine operators & helpers. The training can be given on different SOPs, SCPs and processes.

6.13 Understanding of 

SOPs ( Standard Operating Procedures) and SCPs ( Standard Cleaning Procedures)

6.14 Ensure that all areas & equipment are cleaned according to SCPs.

6.15 Take part in discussions of the weekly manufacturing plan and contribute to its implementation. Ensure timely delivery of products from manufacturing to packaging.

6.16 Ensure that all equipment are calibrated & highlight the equipment whose calibration is due. If calibration is due ask the outsourcing vendor to calibrate it.

6.17 Polish his/her skills by taking part in the training.

6.18 Monitor line losses of different products at different stages of processing. Try to reduce the line loss to increase the product yield.

6.19 Monitoring of different activities carried out in sachet filling area if it is available.

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